The Sales School For Entrepreneurs teaches women how to reach the ‘Entrepreneurial Minimum Wage’ of $120K by monetizing their minds and cashing in on conversations.

Meet Sam. Sam is my avatar . Let's see if Sam sounds like you...

You’re great at your ZOAB (Zone Of Absolute Brilliance), but you’re having a hard time getting people to pay you well for it, or even, pay you at all.

You’ve always worked hard and been successful. You’re not afraid of hard work, but this financial uncertainty is extremely uncomfortable.
You’re most proud of saving as much as you have – you’ve done well for yourself. But, your greatest fear is blowing through the money you’ve worked so hard to save because you can’t get your business off the ground.
Having to go back to work for someone else is just not an option. What you need most is to not end your career, work, or life struggling. You’ve worked too damn hard for this!
You know it will all be worth with when you’re able to pay all your bills from your business, stop dipping into savings, work with whom you want, when you want – and travel the rest of the time!

SHORT ANSWER – it’s called the Dunning-Krueger effect.

The more qualified you are, the more you think you’re not.

Other contributing factors …

  • Under-charging because you don’t think you deserve it or you’re afraid to lose the client

  • Over-delivering beyond what you promise because you feel like what you do is never enough

  • Investing with no ROI on well intentioned but wrong-for-you business or marketing programs

  • Doubling down when things get tough and desperately seeking the “piece that’s missing”

  • Running the unconscious race between being busy and burning out

  • Feeling defeated and losing the joy in your work

What if you could earn the coveted 6-figures WITHOUT burning out or going broke in the process?!

Oh… and I should also mention that you can do this…

  • without a website,

  • without a sales funnel,

  • without a “signature talk”

  • without or any other strategy that everyone else swears you must have.

Not only is it possible – it’s PROVEN !

Hi! I'm Liz Dederer, a 20-year 5-time entrepreneur
and I want you to enjoy building your

boutique service business

with clients you love who pay you really, really well!

I’VE SPENT THE PAST 10 YEARS working directly with small business owners, coaches, designers, free-lancers, and other service-based entrepreneurs.

They all have one thing in common – selling their services instead of Selling WITH Service!

Like you, and most of my clients, I’m an over-deliverer … and recovering under-charger.

(My first coaching package was 3 sessions for $99 … AND I would drive to you… AND I would pay for lunch!) #facepalm

It took me cough years to remove head from a**, speak my value and OWN my worth!

The good news for you is that this is, in part, why I’m so passionate about and constantly compressing your learning timeline so you’re earning sooner rather than later or never!

For a while, my business model looked EXACTLY like the one you’re going to learn in The Sales School For Entrepreneurs and that’s how I got to my first 6-Figure Year in this business…


Because I’m such a *pay-if-forward * person, I then started showing my clients STEP-BY-STEP what I did to get there… and ya know what - they started out-earning me!

Then I started helping a few in some super small groups… and ya know what – THEY were getting the same results….

So THEN I was like – let me live my business motto and help MORE people help more people!

And POOF – The Sales School For Entrepreneurs was born!

(Totally the Disney version of the story, but I do share all the drudgeries inside the school … and yes, things ending in *tini are welcomed on those days!)

Fun fact… did I mention the last business I ran was a Web Design + Marketing Agency?

And now here I am telling you….

You DO NOT need any of that tech to create a client base

that will get you to and keep you at 5-figures per month!

So how is this magic achieved?

By implementing a low-tech, high-touch,

proven business model

with a step-by-step client enrollment process.

  • Mastering Messaging Magic

    Discover what to say, when, how often, and how to track when we unlock messaging magic secrets for steady sales success!

  • Sticky-Note Simple Success

    Unlock key tools, tech and talk to grow your business with confidence and clarity so you can create quality clients on demand!

  • Selling With Service Secrets

    Release the belief that you have to be someone you're not in order to help people and have the business you truly desire!

Don’t take my word for it…

Meet some of the students in the

Sales School For Entrepreneurs

Meet Roxana

“I teach my clients to go out and ask for their worth—and I needed to do the same! She showed me that there was no reason I shouldn’t be a seven-figure business. And I thought, ‘OK, done!’

“I decided I needed to up my game in terms of pricing. Liz and I went through the different income streams that my business brings in, and she said, ‘You’re playing small in terms of your fees—let’s give you a raise.’

Rather than just talk about it – she walked me through exactly how I would accomplish this and helped me solidify my ‘Why’. Liz helped me level up my sales which has been extremely valuable.

Some of my past clients didn’t renew their contracts because of the price increase, but this made space for four new clients just in the past month, all of whom are happy to pay the higher fees!

I’m already a strategic thinker but sometimes you need someone to validate what you’re thinking or give you a different spin on things. Liz gives me a bird’s eye view on a situation, which helps think and maneuver a little differently, so I get the best results.

And we don’t just talk about it. The resources Liz provides in Sales School are so simple but so powerful. She also freely shares tech-hacks that save me so much time and frustration – I use them everyday!

As entrepreneurs, we’re always running a hundred miles an hour. I’m always working to keep my clients accountable by meeting consistently—and I also need someone to keep me accountable. That’s what Sales School does – and that’s how the real transformation happens.

If you’re thinking about Sales School, don’t hesitate.

Sometimes you have to take a leap of faith and invest in your business. This is one of the best investments you could make!

Roxana McKinney


Women, Wealth & Worth

Meet Jasleni

“I went from busting my ass for years , to working in a smart, efficient way, and even being able to take time off whenever I want ! This past July was my most profitable month in the 4-year history of my business, and I did the least amount of work.”

“Even though I’m a chatty person by nature, having sales conversations used to make me incredibly uncomfortable.

I always felt like I had to say yes to everyone who came my way. I’ve always had a hard time saying no because I want to help as many people as possible—and I feel an obligation to help if I can! Add to that always feeling like I had to do a design job immediately at a really affordable rate – and I was heading straight for burnout!

Dealing with money issues, which was always the biggest challenge for me – but fixing it has been the most rewarding! Between facing my fears in the weekly laser coaching sessions with Liz, and using the tools and language I know how to rephrase things on the phone with a client in a power powerful way and it’s actually EASY for me to ask for money!

I was also able to see that while I thought I was helping, under-charing and over-delivering for clients was actually working against me making it difficult for me to deliver and show up at my best. I’ve learned to be unattached to the outcome of any sales conversation – knowing who I work best with, the value of my work, and when to walk away. And that’s huge!

Because of Sales School, I’m able to show up as my best, deliver my best, help the right people, and do it in a way that’s financially feasible – and I don’t feel bad about it. I’m breathing EASY!

Jasleni Brito

Brand Strategist

Meet Tricia

“My revenue DOUBLED in the first 2 months

in the Sales School For Entrepreneurs and I can honestly say 100% of my business revenue is a direct result of the training I’ve received!”

When I read about Liz’s ideal client, Sam, I thought she was talking about me! I was overworking, undercharging, and did not have enough business processes in place to support any sort of growth.

I started in the Conversation Creation Challenge where several things became extremely apparent to me. Liz has a willingness and ability to meet me where I am. She has broad range of business experience and expertise from retail to technology to consulting to entrepreneurial ventures- and pulls on all of it all the time. She’s relatable, hilarious and combining this with her undeniable business experience she simplifies ideas and concepts into digestible, actionable steps.

The simplicity of the concepts, “they’re already a client“, “email is for confirmation, not conversation“, and of course, “always book a something from a something” have been absolute game changers in the way I operate in my business.

Having conversations are productive AND enjoyable for everyone!

Now, not only is it second nature to develop systems in my business, I am actively operating (mindset shift) as the CEO of my business rather than an employee.

Because of Liz’s support, expertise and simplicity of her solutions, I put myself first and fit my business around my life – and I’m making the most I ever has as an entrepreneur!

Tricia Senzel

Executive Coach

Meet Katie

“I went from working with people who were making mid 5-figures to working with a $550M company.”

When I started Sales School, I was doing well as a leadership coach for women, but I knew I could do more.

I felt like everything needed to be perfect before I could take that next step. I’ve known Liz for a while and she always models first hand how to let that idea go, and to build the plane as I’m flying it. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but it has be done!

Also, there’s no ONE way to something. For example, I work with so many different types of women leaders, across a lot of industries. The framework taught in Sales School is adaptable across all of them!

I always wanted to take on bigger clients, and having these resources made me realize that I could do that.

I’m no longer winging it! I have the skills and tools to provide them with the right offer based on their needs!”

Katie Albert-Bolton

Womens Leadership Coach

Stop piece-mealing your business together. Just start with Sales School. This has it all. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. It’s already there!

Sales School is 1000X worth your investment! You learn how to simplify complex and uncertain problems, and you’ll have those skills for life!

“Burned out with funnels.”

“I’m too smart to be struggling so much!”

“$120,000 sounds a lot more obtainable than 6 or 7-figures.”

And my personal favorite…

“I just feel so defeated hearing about internet marketing, online funnels, email marketing, campaigns, facebook ads – I just want to coach! Running a boutique business helping a handful of clients pretty much part time while work towards $10K months, earning more with each client I’m enrolling sounds like the most realistic business plan I’ve heard in a while!”

Let’s talk!

Schedule a call to discuss your business & your goals,

and together we’ll identify the next best action steps you can implement right away!

“Not only do I enjoy reading your emails, I actually look forward to receiving them!

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